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High end Ceramic Designer Candle

The high-end designer candle

This luxury french designer candle consists of a handcrafted ceramic candle holder filled with scented soy wax, featuring a unique and personal fragrance crafted in Grasse. The candle boasts a minimalist design and is part of the Less is More collection. It is entirely handcrafted in France and poured in the designer’s workshops in Burgundy.

High end Ceramic Designer Candle


Technical details:

Average capacity: 200 g
Composition: Pesticide-free European origin soy wax
Perfume made in Grasse developed according to strict health standards: phthalate-free, CMR-free.
100% cotton wick.
Ceramic container imagined and handcrafted in France in the designer's workshop.
Artisanal pouring in the creator's workshop

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Allergens :

Soy, Benzyl Alcohol, Citral, Citronellol, Coumarin, Eugenol, Gamma Methylionone, Geraniol, Hydroxycitronellal, Limonene, Linalol.

luxury ceramic designer black candle

The Minimalist Candle Design

The designer first envisions and crafts the ceramic container. The candle features a minimalist design that fits seamlessly into the Less is More collection. It’s intended to be a timeless piece that becomes a utilitarian item in the home once the candle is burned.

luxury ceramic designer pink candle

Handcrafted and 100% French Candle

The candle is artisanally crafted entirely in the designer’s workshops in Burgundy. Far from industrial, the candle bears the “handmade” mark through its enamel, revealing touches of terracotta stone and occasional “pinholes” here and there.


Responsible Ingredients

The selected ingredients are both the most health-conscious choices. Soy wax is used to avoid petroleum-based paraffin, and the fragrance crafted in Grasse adheres to health standards set by Grasse perfumers. Without stearin from palm oil, the candle burns freely in an organic, earthy manner, as evidenced by its irregular surface.

Alps analog photohraphy

An Exploration of Fragrance

Clément then embarks on a quest to find a fragrance for his candle that reflects his creations: a sensual, elegant scent crafted with finesse to continue in the vein of this high-end candle. He decides to create an imaginative fragrance inspired by his mountain explorations, where scents punctuate journeys and become more complex with altitude.


The designer turns to Grasse perfumers to collaborate on a unique and high-end creation that will infuse the Nevers ceramic candle holder. Thus, the Grasse perfumers envision a fragrance for this French candle, describing it as “Citrusy, Gourmand, Woody.”


The top notes include Mandarin and Pine, the heart notes feature Cedar and Tonka Bean, and the base notes are Honey and Vanilla.

luxury ceramic designer white candle
luxury ceramic designer black candle
luxury ceramic designer perfumed candle
luxury ceramic designer pink candle