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-Do you like plants? You are like man of the woods ?

-Ahaha I love nature. And I love working on this subject because plants bring something warm and alive that design is lacking.. we go beyond the static side.
-And can you explain me this…thing?
-It is a kind of natural aroma extractor. The idea is to replace artificial candles, aroma diffusor (source of diseases) for something totally natural. Therefore I inspired myself by the culinary art to get the good idea.
-I am sorry but… I..dont understand.
-When you cook something, you prepare your aliment. You start by washing it. It is the same for plants. And for example when you wash mint, you feel right away the smell of it. Therefore I tried to create a product giving the same process. It is called Valse.
The system is simple. There is a mist diffused on the plant. This one will turn on itsell against the organic glass wall. By this way the friction effect is given like in the cooking process. And at the end, a ventilator spreads the aroma in the space.
-And what is the current status of this project?
-Now it is still a concept. I think about developing it for my own brand on 2018!

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