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-What do you do with this? 

-You fly! For me it is a big big dream.  This night again a dreamed I was trying to fly, hanging some balloons to my kitesurf harness. So it is something I had to work on.
The fiction object is a terrible field of expression. I am always amazed by people who imagine ships and other objects for fantastic movies. I started to create my own machine on 2013. I had thought to a fictious energy and I had built my product around it: a flying moto called Libellule.
A day, Kossi my current boss, asked me to re-work on this project with its own scketches. We melt our both minds to get a new project. This Human Drone.

Idée originale: Kossi Aguessy et Clément Boutillon
Mise en forme et évolution: Clément Boutillon 
Direction: Kossi Aguessy 

2013 – Libellule

2016 – Drone- Aguessy Life