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French designer of handmade lifestyle items

Boutillon 2023 Portrait Designer  Jean-Luc Petit

Home Decor and art with french passion

Clément Boutillon is an insatiable daydreamer, curious with a multifaceted personality.  The french designer imagines everyday items as contemporary pieces inspired by futurism and traditional french savoir-faire.

From Less is more movement to the science-fiction influence, with a passion for organic sculpture, the creator mixes inspirations with a pure, timeless and modern style. Also ceramist, the designer makes lifestyle and decoration items developed and handmade in his french studios located in the centre of France in Burgundy. 

Boutillon brings his vision of an avant-garde designer item handmade in France with a responsible and committed approach.

Portrait made by Jean-Luc Petit

Avant-garde lifestyle

Beyond Arts and Crafts 

The sensual and handsome shapes are the combination of various skills acquired by the french designer. Each piece from the collection involves a high knowledge of techniques beyond crafts. The creator develops the singularity of his objects thanks to numerical tools. In this way he mixes modern and traditional techniques to create and make pieces usually impossible to make with the single knowledge of crafts. 

 Almost japanese

The singular and timeless item. 

Clément Boutillon imagines his creations from stories that happen in his life. He creates his own stories from experiences that provide adrenalin like mountain, paragliding, science-fiction and the fantastic. He converts this pleasure in his creations with a minimalist, almost japanese style.

Each object is born from a story, it is the result of many hours of research, questions, drawings and development. 

The Red Earthenware

Red earthenware: rare, fragile and precious.

The creator imagines and makes ceramic items in his own studios located in Burgundy in Nevers in the centre of France. He mainly uses a rare ceramic almost forgotten because of its fragile character: a red clay used by historic earthenware manufacturers from Nevers in the past. The red earthenware is also known to be visible through the glaze giving a raw style to the piece. The final  enamelled piece is composed of some red effects and some pinholes given by the traditional process of the glazing made by dipping.  


Clément Boutillon studied and worked as product designer for ten years in Paris.  He worked as an assistant for Noe Duchaufour Lawrance. Then he worked as head of design for Kossi Aguessy Studio working for two years on a range of luxury pieces exhibited in Paris and New-York.

Boutillon was always fascinated by the world of luxury, beauty and crafts. The shape has a fascinating impact on our desire, our pleasure.

 As a passionate designer with an eye for detail, Boutillon is always working on new exciting projects, exploring new horizons, in quest to capture and transmit pure emotion and love for well designed objects. Then he decides to become a ceramist in order to create his own products. 

 In 2020, he begins a collection of premium handcrafted ceramics designed and crafted by himself in France. Limited Editions and common pieces are presented on his website and in some stores. His process is a mix between product design and ceramics manufacturing….