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The Designer

       Clément Boutillon studied Product Design for five years in Paris. Boutillon was always fascinated by the world of luxury, beauty and crafts. The shape has a fascinating impact on our desire, our pleasure.

         Boutillon has participated in numerous design contests, where he often made it to the final. He worked as an assistant for Noe Duchaufour Lawrance. Then he worked as product designer in perfumes, cosmetics, and spirits with the team Servaire and Co. Later, he worked in Retail Design working on the creation of new stores for Diptyque, Laura Mercier with the team BlueFactory. Then he worked as head of design for Aguessy Studio working for 2 years on a range of luxury pieces exhibited in Paris and New-York.

            As a passionate designer with an eye for detail, Boutillon is always working on new exciting projects, exploring new horizons, in quest to capture and transmit pure emotion and love for well designed objects. In 2020, he creates a collection of luxury handcrafted ceramics designed and crafted by himself in France. Collectible pieces and luxury items for interior, home decoration and tableware are presented on his website and in some stores.

Design x Arts and Crafts

          After ten years of product design, the designer decides to create items combining the best of Industrial Design with the best of  Arts and Crafts. Thus he learns ceramics art in order to create a new line of luxury objects designed and crafted by himself.

          Items proposed by Clément Boutillon are designed for a long time, using every skill of Clément such as numerical sculpture, drawing, 3D printing. When the shape intention is over, Clément creates the mold in his workshop. Earthenware terracotta pieces are then glazed with a translucent effect giving a unique raw finish to the piece. 

Influenced by Mountains

          Clément Boutillon is a mountain lover enjoying mountains through paragliding, climbing, trailing and silver photography. All his work is strongly influenced by this appeal of nature. 

In harmony

          The first influence is the respect of the world we live in. Luxury earthenware items are produced with renewable energy. Ceramics objects are delivered without any plastic which is replaced by partially recycled kraft paper and silk paper.  Other actions are planned for coming years.

Contemplation and Determination

          Boutillon loves trailing to discover the magic of mountains. We try to give this power in our products. As determination is the key to reach a summit, it is the key to our well designed luxury items. We take the necessary time to develop the most stunning idea before going to production. 

Minimal and essential

          When we walk for many days, the weight we carry on is crucial. The adventure becomes a discovery of minimalism. Products crafted by Clément Boutillon are designed with the same intention. 



Douceur CC – ABW Warnant, Nevers


Via – Paris


Now le Off – Cité de la Mode et du Design, Paris