” I have learned product design. The day at school, and the night by myself through contests, personal projects and collaborations. My work with Kossi Aguessy  was a revelation: thinking and creating new objects has become a natural way of life.

          My job involves learning everyday. To create a new piece, I have to know the story, the technique, the use. I choose this work for the opportunity to discover something everyday.

          Being at the origin of the idea is important for me. To create my own ideas, I accepted a new task. Therefore I become a creator, craftsman, photographer. Today I become a ceramist to improve my objects without restrictions. It allows me to create objects with a total respect of my values  presenting the most artistic, local and responsible production.”

clement boutillon onething

The Shape

         Clément Boutillon studied Product Design for five years in Paris. Boutillon was always fascinated by the world of luxury, beauty and crafts. The shape has a fascinating impact on our desire, our pleasure.

Cosmetic, Store and Furniture

        Boutillon has participated in numerous design contests, where he often made it to the final. He worked as an assistant for Noe Duchaufour Lawrance. Then he worked as product designer in perfumes, cosmetics, and spirits with the team Servaire and Co. Later, he worked in Retail Design working on the creation of new stores for Diptyque, Laura Mercier with the team BlueFactory. Then he worked as head of design for Aguessy Studio working for 2 years on a range of luxury pieces exhibited in Paris and New-York.

          As a passionate designer with an eye for detail, Boutillon is always working on new exciting projects, exploring new horizons, in quest to capture and transmit pure emotion and love for well designed objects. 

Service and Self Edition

.          Since 2016, Clément creates self edited products, developing technical and creative skills in many fields from production to photography. He offers his services for startups, companies and private individuals.

          In 2020, he creates a collection of premium handcrafted ceramics designed and crafted by himself. Limited Editions and common pieces are presented on his website and in some stores.



Douceur CC – ABW Warnant, Nevers


Via – Paris


Now le Off – Cité de la Mode et du Design, Paris