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Candle “Apogée” on its earthenware candle holder.

Luxury candle on earthenware stand

This is the most luxurious candle created by the designer ceramist. It gently burns in its handsome earthenware stand and releases its beeswax perfume. Handcrafted in Nevers in France, this candle is rechargeable. 


The most luxurious candle of the designer. 

The story begins in 2018, the designer still works with Kossi Aguessy, but he thinks of his own collection pushed by Kossi. He imagines 3 objects and one one of these objects is a candle. This candle is leaned, held by a ceramic stand. Then the designer reinvents the luxury candle with this modern and unique design. The candle holder is showcased at the Paris Design Week 2018. 

Four years later, Clément Boutillon creates a new candle inspired by the previous candle available in the “Eternal” Collection that can be rechargeable. 


A kind of magic in the candle

The natural perfumed candle is placed in its ceramic stand and gently burns. The stand receives possible wax runs. The candle is composed of beeswax and soy wax and can be bought individually on the website. 

The candle holder is handmade. Each piece is unique and show the terracotta clay through the enamel.

Apogée Candle


Refill- Candle on stand


In stock

Technical details


L x l x H: 17 x 17 x 16,5 cm

– Burn within sight.
– Keep away from things that catch fire.
– Keep away from children.