Product Design x Arts and Crafts

Welcome in the world of the product designer Clément Boutillon who combines his experience of luxury product design with Arts and Crafts.

Collectible items and luxury products are designed by the artist with a common influence of a unique passion: mountains.


Luminaire Manta Luxe

Limitless thinking process
Limited Edition
Unique finish

Luxury objects – earthenware items.
Lifestyle objects dedicated to tableware and interior decoration. 
Patiently thought products, 
French, hand-crafted and responsible production 


clement boutillon onething

With recognized artists, with business owners or for beautiful adventures. 


Limitless thinking process
Limited Edition
Unique finish

Grand Public

Luxury earthenware items


With recognized artists, for beautiful adventures

Two years with Kossi Aguessy

Retrospective of two years with Kossi Aguessy as main product designer.

The sound through the view

The design focus on the sound and senses involved

Guitare N1
Guitare N2