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Table lamp

Limited edition, 12 pieces


The creation of the gallery table lamp called “La Méduse” started in 2019 with a first sketch created in Paris. Then a long process of numerical sculpture has been made to refine the shape of the lamp. A few months later, the french artist and ceramist began the creation of the mold divided in 7 parts. Once the mold was dry, the slip casting of 13 liters of earthenware could begin. This first collectible lamp was a revelation for the designer who decided to create an entire collection of ceramics thought and crafted by the product designer.  La Méduse was finished two years later. 2021 announced the birth of this first luxury piece and the birth of the first workshop located in the heart of France in Nevers where the french designer imagines and handcrafts luxury ceramic items. 

The idea was to make the fabric lampshade disappear. The designer decided to think about a monobloc lamp to get a large light atmosphere. Therefore, he creates a dome to spread the light. Then he adds some organic details to give a character and a sensation of movement to the light. The inspiration of the jellyfish came to his mind. 

The work of numerical sculpture began in order to develop the shape around this inspiration. Five gaps are placed in the organic parts to diffuse the light. Some smaller organic parts are added to the lamp to give more character to the lamp. A gap is placed at the top of the dome to illuminate the top of the lamp. 


The process

The creation of “La Méduse”  began in 2019. Six months later, the first prototype involved starting over with a new sketch more ambitious to craft because of the size and the shape. Five paper prototypes refined proportions to allow the production of the mold in seven parts. 

First attempts of slip casting involve creating a protocol in order to succeed in the production of the piece without deformation. Once the clay object was ready to fire, the designer met a problem for finding an accurate kiln. Then he decided to create himself a human scale kiln to fire the lamp and futur large gallery pieces. 

The lampe is available in different finishes and is edited to 12 pieces.

The Kiln

To fire the piece, the designer decided to create and build its own kiln.

Numbered pieces 

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