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French handmade ceramic cup and saucer

Clément Boutillon decides to create a new ceramic tea cup and its teapot with a contemporary design handmade in his own workshop in Nevers. One year later, he unveils his new set with a cup and its saucer available in two sizes.

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The cup, modern design

          The cup has got a precise shape that aims to be essential and pure. The shape looks simple, without decoration, seeking to last for many generations.  The line of the cup is stretched enough to get strength. The capacity is appropriate to savour and serve again. Clément recommends not to fill the cup totally so the tea can be highlighted.

A question of feeling

          When moulds production was achieved, it was decided to start over. A new design has been created. However, the sensation of the new result pushed me into thinking over the design. Six months later, two cups were revealed, the tea cup of 25 cl (8 oz) and the coffee cup of 15 cl (5 oz) with the exact good feeling I was expecting. The saucer got a new design to be more functional. 

Two Cup Sizes

15 and 25 cl (5 and 8 oz)

The Saucer   

          The Saucer has got a style that aims to be pure, essential, focusing on the function: it must serve and highlight.

          The design breaks with nowadays style. Curves disappear totally, the surface is flat. A single arch around the plate holds the contents. The bottom of the plate is thought to create an illusion of weightlessness. Those esthetical codes are applied on the other plates to get harmony in the collection.

Available on the Online Shop


Cup and Saucer


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