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Ceramic handcrafted Vase

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Handcrafted french vase, thought like a beer stein

 This small handcrafted french vase was born from a unique and original idea from the designer ceramist. Japanese ceramic art inspired Clément Boutillon and pushed him to create a new unconventional piece: a ceramic glass. The wine universe, the way flavours focus in a balloon glass was a main guideline for this new ceramic piece. The opaque finish creates a mystery around the content of the glass so we must focus our attention on our senses.

Back to the sense

          We do not see the content anymore. We must smell and feel what is happening in the glass and in our body.  The 33 cl (10oz) glass is probably convenient for the taste of handmade fruit juices, good beers, infusions. 

The small vase is born

When the new ceramic was presented some people decided to use this stein as a small vase. Therefore this ceramic handcrafted vase is perfect for dried flowers. 

chope bière design

Available on the Online Shop