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Ceramic Candle “Réjouissance”

“Réjouissance” ceramic designer candle. The expression of a secret mountain

The ceramic designer’s candle takes us to the middle of the mountainous reliefs with this organic candle: a clever blend of Japanese-style sweetness whose fragrance made in Grasse transports us to the secret paths traveled by the designer, thus discovering the luxury of a rich and preserved nature, often unknown. This high-end French candle illustrates the soothing awakening of the mountain at the start of an exploration and the awakening of our senses to this spectacle.


Mandarin, Pine, Cedar, Tonka bean, Honey, Vanilla

Ceramic Candle “Réjouissance”


Technical details:

Average capacity: 200 g
Composition: Pesticide-free European origin soy wax, Non-deodorized organic coconut oil,
Perfume made in Grasse developed according to strict health standards: phthalate-free, CMR-free.
100% cotton wick.
Ceramic container imagined and handcrafted in France in the designer's workshop.
Artisanal pouring in the creator's workshop

Allergens in the perfume:
Benzyl Alcohol, Citral, Citronellol, Coumarin, Eugenol, Gamma Methylionone, Geraniol, Hydroxycitronellal, Limonene, Linalol.

Manifesting elegance through essence, nature and craftsmanship.

Like an exploration where nature dominates, this ceramic perfumed candle goes straight to the point. Soy wax of European origin guaranteed without GMOs, organic coconut oil are the foundations of it. The candle thus burns freely, in a very organic, telluric way, as shown by its rough surface rendered by the absence of stearin (produced from palm oil, which the creator is against).

A precious and responsible container.

It is first of all the container that the creator imagines and manufactures in earthenware. This finely designed container breaks the codes of modern candles with its originality. With a sober appearance, it is an everyday classic that the designer draws here, to be used on a daily basis.

Available in the three colours, the glaze reveals the terracotta earthenware in transparency. The hallmark made by hand is revealed differently from one candle to another and is camouflaged through the texture of the ice finish.

Made of ceramic in the designer’s workshop in Burgundy, it then becomes a candle holder, a cup, a pot once the candle has been consumed.

Perfumed ceramic french candle

Elegant and refined fragrance:

The imaginary mountain.

The perfume immerses us between the memories and the imagination of the creator in a morning hike at mid-height where the fauna and flora dominate, where bees perpetuate scents of this complex and changing environment. Waking up is sweet, sensual.

To achieve this, the designer, who trained for ten years in Paris, travels through the scents of the capital’s luxury boutiques to imagine a new, elegant and different fragrance. It is then the perfumers of Grasse who created and who manufacture this finely elaborated perfume with for priority a healthy perfume, without phthalates and without CMR, ensuring the respect of current standards.

Less is more, responsible packaging

The candle box is made of mostly recycled cardboard and has undyed tissue paper.

We invite you to keep it if you want to send it back to us to poor it again.

Perfumed luxury designer ceramic candle white
Perfumed luxury designer ceramic candle black
Luxury perfumed ceramic candle