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Contemporary Ceramic Vase “Istouti”

Contemporary ceramic Vase , inspired by a trip to Sri-Lanka

The ceramic contemporary vase handmade by the french designer Clément Boutillon is inspired by a one month trip to Sri-Lanka. The creator imagines a vase based on the aesthetic of  Hindu temples with a minimalist and pure shape. The handmade ceramic vase is available in white, black and signature finish.

Contemporary Ceramic Vase “Istouti”


Technical details:

Height: 22cm, Width: 13 cm, Neck diameter: 7cm
Material : Red Earthenware (Ceramic)
Firing: Electrical Kiln with responsible energy.

Minimalist handmade vase inspired by the Hindu culture. 

The trip to Sri-Lanka  was part of an annual ritual. Clément left his country for twenty days to discover a new country where the culture still looks authentic. The trip is minimalist, with a single backpack to discover the country and people with a rare authenticity.  

In Sri-Lanka, the designer had the chance to see the meditation practice as a natural activity for some people. Therefore, the designer decided to make an object in memory of this souvenir. 

The trip has become a way to get inspiration for the designer craftsman who loves to discover skills of different cultures. Thus the sketchbook is never far away. The modern shape of the vase has been created at 6000 miles from the workshop. Two years later, the french creator developed this decoration item in his studio in Burgundy, improving the shape with his digital tools, making the mold with plaster and creating each high-end vase by the slip casting process.

The contemporary designer vase

The shape of the modern vase is inspired by the shape of Hindu Temples. The creator crosses cultures to unveil a vase with a sleek design, elegant and sober. The vase is then handmade in earthenware in the designer’s studio in Burgundy with a mix of raw and sleek finish given by the glaze revealing the red earthenware in transparency.

Designer ceramic vase, signature finish
Designer ceramic vase, black finish
Designer ceramic vase, white  finish
Modern ceramic designer vase black boutillon