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Luxury Sushi Chopsticks

Luxury sushi chopsticks

The designer creates a set of luxury silvered chopsticks for sushi. This limited edition is a set of brass chopsticks handmade by a jeweler and silver plated by a silversmith in Paris. A leather case is made by a craftsman in Burgundy to protect the chopsticks.

Luxury Sushi Chopsticks


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Technical details

Limited edition of 8 sets.

One month leadtime.

A savouring tool

Nowadays, sushi has become very popular in occident. It is now a subject of creation, meeting occidental food like meat, foie gras, herb… However, Sushi remains a piece of art, prepared with care, sensibility and exactness. Therefore this art became an obvious creation territory for the designer Clément Boutillon. 

Comfortable instrument

The handling ability must be comfortable, but it is personal to each hand. Clément chooses to create a simple shape. The Khamai Chopsticks get a flat profil, offering soft sensations. This flat profil spins at its extremity to gently manipulate the sushi piece.

Luxury sushi chopsticks silver boutillon

Sculpted brass
The manufacturing of the chopstick is thought in the same spirit a sushi is made: with patience and meticulousness. Therefore, each chopstick is sculpted in a brass piece by a jeweler and then silver plated in Classe I by a silversmith. Thus, each piece is different from each other.

As a silver gem, these luxury chopsticks will need the best attention. A leather case has been created, handcrafted by a french craftsman and is available on demand. 

Etui baguette à sushi luxe argent