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French modern teapot back

Luxury handmade Teapot, created by the french designer

The teapot designed and handcrafted by the designer ceramist Clément Boutiillon has been thought to break with the traditional codes of Japanese teapots with a pure and modern shape. Here is the presentation of the artistic process of this earthenware luxury teapot designed and handcrafted in the french workshop located in Nevers.

French modern teapot back

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French modern teapot portrait

Tea Set:
First luxury object for the ceramics collection of the designer

Tasting of the tea is really interesting for a product designer thanks to the diversity of tools used in the preparation and in the service. Tools depend on the variety of tea, the region, the culture. The shape, the material, the object, and above all the style are a large space of expression.
Therefore the serving of tea is one of the first subjects questioned for the collection, composed of a new teapot, a cup and its saucer.

French modern teapot top

Avant-Garde Design and Modern Aesthetic


          The teapot design is clearly different from other teapots.  The design process was very long and complicated. The singularity of the object is given by a mix of radical shapes, and elegant curves.

          Viewed from above, the teapot has a perfect round shape. Viewed from the side, the line of the object is regular, without accident. The lit is on the same level as the body.


       The handle is rounded to be comfortable. It is composed of an angle placed on the gravity line of the body. Therefore the object is light and easy to use.

Homemade Filter

          In order to avoid the importation of a filter, a ceramic filter is designed for the teapot. It can be replaced by a conventional filter. 

teapot handle design

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