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Ceramic Candle holder “Canyon”

Ceramic Candle Holder inspired by mountains, handmade by the independent designer

This ceramic candle holder of the french designer is one of the most beautiful artistic achievements of the designer ceramist. The french designer’s candle holder is a functional sculpture that gets its power from the perfect match between industrial design and Art and Crafts. 

Ceramic Candle holder “Canyon”


Technical Details:

Height: 27 cm
Candles diameter: 20-22 mm
Material: Earthenware (Ceramic)
Firing: Electrical Kiln with responsible Energy

French luxury candle holder

This high-end french handmade candleholder is inspired by canyons and speleology. The burning candle lights the organic walls of the sculpture. This 27cm candlestick aims to be contemplated and is designed as a handcrafted decoration object. 

Ceramic designer luxury candle holder

The candle holder handmade in the studio of the designer

With 150 hours of numerical sculpture spent to get the inspiration and the poetic charm in the sculpture, the candle holder turns around the candle and can be displayed from many sides. 

The candle holder is handmade in the studio of the designer in Burgundy, France. 

Designer ceramic candle holder white
Designer ceramic candle holder black
Designer ceramic candle holder contemporary
Designer ceramic candle holder pink