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Khamai Collection

Very limited self edition

Baguettes à Sushi

Jeu de baguettes taillées à la main – Pièce unique

Sushi Chopsticks

Unique Self edition

Candle on stand

Limited Self edition – Coming soon

The Clever object

Clément Boutillon questions our rituals from everyday rituals to the most  sophisticated ones, unveiling new emotional concepts creating an ultra limited self edition.

The Khamai pieces revolve around “French Art de vivre”. Clément revisits classics with sensuality and anticonfirmism.  Then the chameleon designer (‘Khamai’-leon) revives everyday objects through multiple creative lenses and applies the mark of his character: the Khamai stamp.

To surprise you 

Clément is born in Burgundy: a vast and inspiring land, where time seems to be frozen, and the designer can take the time to create, far away from the fast paced city life. The self edited pieces are developed carefully, slowly. Ideas are refined for several months, ensuring quality products. The designer works with a deep passion, dedicating all his efforts to create a unique object that will surprise you and delight all your senses.

The craftsman

Each piece is handcrafted  by craftsmen who share the same desire to create new stories. Each object is crafted in unique or limited edition, then available in galery and by contacting the designer.


The sound through the view

The design focus on the sound and senses involved


Electric Guitar – Concept


Electric Guitar – Concept

Two years with Kossi Aguessy

Retrospective of two years with Kossi Aguessy as main product designer.


Human Drone

III Collection – Table

III Collection – High Chair

III Collection – Lounge Chair

The Stool

Crafted by Charles Paris

Infinity Chair

Onething Lamp